Breach of Trust

Trust is an abstract emotion which can only be felt but it is not visible.Human beings are blessed by the Almighty with several emotions like happiness,sorrow,ecstasy,disillusionment,satisfaction,empathy so on .All of these are to be felt and experienced.As one progresses in his lifecycle he encounters these emotions and gets a feel of these abstract emotions.

“Trust” can be broadly defined as an undefined sentiment between two individuals who mutually agree on certain terms to maintain the sanctity of the relationship.It has to be maintained and nurtured with ample caution and care  refraining from dwelling the danger path which not only shatters the faith and belief but also creates a sad indelible impression on the mind which eventually creates voids,scars in the mutual relationship.

An illustrative example can be cited of the mutual understanding between two cricket batsman on the pitch who have to score cheeky singles against the agile and alert fielders.

Mere look in the eye of the partner,prompt calls ought to be responded by the partner in a flash of a second to achieve the desired result.This is the classic example of “Trust”which builds the partnership and the team benefits in the long run.

Trust aids in strengthening ,emboldening the relationship taking it into dizzy heights.It makes life more meaningful and one yearns for more goodies and positivity. Innumerable instances of trust between a couple,two friends, two colleagues,two players,two siblings etc can be cited to understand and assimilate the nuances of this wonderful feeling called “TRUST”.

Of course one has to accept,adjust,indemnify the other one if the former wavers from the pre-decided path and reprimand him  for the foolery,deciet,sorrow and a feeling of guilt in the offender which is fatal and uncalled for.One has to be true to his conscience,heart,mind,body and soul as it generates positivity and leads to an optimistic,virtuous life.

In conclusion “TRUST” is an unseen ,undocumented emotion,sentiment which is beautiful and enriching if it is nurtured and maintained with presence of mind always taking care of the pitfalls and tempations else it leads to “Breach of Trust:.




Rapid Industralisation and scarcity of open green spaces,alarming pollution,mushrooming of brick and mortar structures have adversely affected the rainfall.We are in serious trouble and the gennext will never forgive us.

Time to awaken and immediately adopt measures to conserve nature and be human.A strong and fervent appeal to the policy makers and the authorities concerned.

We need your pledge and support to achieve this on war footing basis.

May the almighty shower the rains.Balakwadi_Dam

Work & Identity

The present blog of Alyssa is straight from the heart and throws light on the identity of a person in our culture.Being frank and assertive is the key and one must be in constant pursuit of a worthwhile focussed activity at least to satiate the intellect and the conscience.
Precise and heartfelt blog from Alyssa.Great effort.Keep it up.

Vijay Doiphode

The Salt

I am unemployed on purpose.

To be clear: I left a job that I loved because I was worried that someday I would stop loving it. I knew I wouldn’t stay there forever, and I wanted to be able to look back on that season of my life with fondness and gratitude, not bitterness. The timing was right, so I can do that now: I am immensely grateful.

So now I’m unemployed, and I have been for nearly two months. On purpose though. As of this writing, I haven’t even seriously looked for a new job.

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